Classic Ball Pen (Pack of 50)

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Fast Blue Writing Souvenir Pen

Pack of 50

Fine Writing
Experience fine writing with Writing??Ball Pens. Writing??Ball Pens are equipped with a 0.7mm tip and feature a sleek body for a pressure free writing experience.

No Smudging or Spreading
Writing Ball pens use high quality water proof ink so as to not smudge or spread. The waterproof ink also ensures your work isn’t ruined by accidental exposure to water.

Push Mechanism Closer
This ballpoint pen features a push mechanism closer. The end of the pen needs to be pressed for the nib to come out and pushed back in.

Set of 50 Pens
The pack comes in a set of 50 blue-ink ball pens. These pens will quickly become your go-to writing tools, thanks to smooth traction, high-visibility ink and comfortable grip. Great for a wide variety of situations, from signing cheques to making lists to writing notes and letters.

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