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Audirvana nas synology free Index. Forums New posts Search forums. What’s new New posts Latest activity. Members Current visitors. Log in Register. Search titles only. Search Advanced search…. New posts. Search forums. Log in. Install the app. Desire to learn and share knowledge of science required as is 20 years of participation in forums not all true. There are daily reviews of audio hardware and expert members to help answer your questions.

Click here to have your audio equipment measured for free! JavaScript is disabled. For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding. You are using an out of date browser. It may not display this or other websites correctly.

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Joined Mar 18, Messages Likes Click to expand Yes, that’s a good option. My preference is Music Player Daemon Or Volumio or Moode Audio are good options – these are controlled from any web browser.

This system has its fans, who often cite reliability and controller apps audirvana nas synology free good user interfaces as winning their favour. DLNA is the server model with broad industry support, so if you have a commercial device which only offers this option, your choice is obviously limited to this.

Jgrasp download for windows 10 is the case for one of my setups, and I’m not a big fan of the DLNA controller apps which are available for Android.

Music Player Daemon is straightforward audirvana nas synology free frills-free. Volumio, Moode, and RuneAudio have extensive user audirvana nas synology free, and streaming music client options.

LTig said:. Joined Dec 5, Messages 2, Likes 2, You can certainly use such a configuration if you put it together yourself. Joined Apr 3, Messages 26 Likes 7. Bamyasi said:. I run it here on a RPi audirvana nas synology free with 1GB of memory, alongside with tons of other stuff and it works without a glitch. Bamyasi Senior Member. Joined Feb 19, Messages Likes audirvana nas synology free That’s what I was driving at audirvana nas synology free my previous post, and why I asked for further information about the actual hardware devices involved.

Screen Shot at 2. Last edited: May 4, Antipodes server has only USB and Ethernet outputs. You might need to ask on the Audirvana forum, or Roku forum.

I just realised that your amplifier and speakers are very high end. A lot of technology goes into USB audio interfaces. I am thinking about installing Kodi on my Linux server. But the server has only web interface for installing certain software.

The port 22 seems to be open when I try to ssh, it asks for password, but I do not know neither username nor password. I was thinking to maybe use John the Ripper, but am not sure if that is a feasible option? What sort of server is this? Antipodes CX. I do not know either username nor password. Wow, it seems to me that you are taking an unguided tour of each and every media application available on the planet.

That’s fine, but at some point I suggest it’s a good idea just to back and listen to the music.

That’s the nature of commercial products, even if, in the case of Antipodes servers, they are based on open source software. Antipodes Audio provided the server. You should contact them.

But if you really want to do your own installations and configuration, I suggest you ditch commercial servers altogether, and читать больше up your own customised server from scratch. Regarding Antipodes’ dual isolated ethernet ports: bah humbug!

Oh, I wasn’t dismissing the Antipodes device completely, just pouring scorn on the isolated ethernet ports – that’s an audirvana nas synology free case of gilding the lily. Ethernet already offers galvanic isolation by design. I’m unfamiliar with those other commercial products you mention. By the way, quoting my entire post s is an unnecessary waste of forum space. The noise is still propagating through the ethernet.

I made no comment regarding the Antipode’s monetary value. Audible noise? Or measured electronic noise? If audible, you are very unlucky. If measured, it would be worthwhile loaning your equipment to Amir, who can check the situation using rigorous and credible test regimes.

I reiterate that it’s an unnecessary waste of forum space to quote my posts in their entirety. You must log in or register to reply here. Similar threads P. Replies 23 Audirvana nas synology free Apr 2, freemansteve. PC centered interface. Replies 4 Views Feb 14, bathroomskank. Replies 0 Views Jan 14, Nonick. May 28, andyc Need local music player for headless Windows PC. Replies 5 Views May 7, haro. Top Bottom.


Alternative to Roon | Page 2 | Audio Science Review (ASR) Forum


Thanks for your help. It is obvious that this would make things easier, right? Not being contrained to a running PC to listen to music…. There are lots of dlna media server options out there that run on nas boxes. I personally use Synology and use both the built in media server as well as Linn. They act as dlna renderers in this case.

Audirvana works ok as a dlna server and control point when running on my macs and playing flac files. Also works on 3 older players with dsf files except on my new PMN. Thank you! It says no room available. Did you do something to make them OpenHome? Yeah I also use bubble upnp server on the synology to create open home renderers our of the marantz dlna renderers. Okay I understood now! I did try Lumin before but found it a bit more clunky.

I also tried Minim and Twonky and some others but found various issues that were annoying or not working. I have the same question as skbe, besides, I would like to be able to run Audirvana on my Synology. You can do that using MinimServer for free. You just need a control app on the phone or a computer. We want a server installed on a nas that can do 1- local playing media like minim 2- tidal streaming 3- Qobuz streaming 1 and 2 and 3 are performed by Roon for example and 4- we need that server to play via dlna renderers not performed by Roon.

Minim can do 1 and 4. It can be anything from Volumio running on RPi to a full blown streamer. We need ONE app that 1- play local media on nas minim, roon, audirvana, many others 2- play Qobuz and tidal Roon, audirvana, many others 3- play all these sources into dlna devices and not only Openhome audirvana, maybe some others that do not fulfill 1 and 2 and 3 and 4 4- be running on a nas roon, minim and some others that do not fulfill 1 and 2 and 3 and 4.

Roon is the best choice for now as it fulfills 1 and 2 and 4 Audirvana fulfills 1 and 2 and 3. If you use MinimServer then install on the same nas Bubbleupnpserver you can have everything, as Bubbleupnpserver give openhome compatibility to any dlna renderer and manage Qobuz and Tidal not MQA services.

With an app like Lumin, kazoo, Linn you can manage everything from one single control point. And MinimServer can do upsampling too not to dsd. And you can do multiroom too. Linn works really well and also available for qnap. Just not as pretty. Yeah I kinda like the Kazoo server for the way it presents my library within the Linn app. Good point about Qobuz genres.

Dear skbe, dear all, I have the same question as skbe, besides, I would like to be able to run Audirvana on my Synology. I approached Audirvana directly but was asked to pose my question in this forum. No need for these apps if they cannot run in the same app.


Audirvāna – Music Player⎢HD Digital Audio Player.Install Audirvana server on a QNAP NAS – Licenses and Installation – Audirvana

No additional NAS software required. Posts: 1, Threads: 23 Joined: May Reputation: It says no room available. The microrendu is something that has very good write ups but not sure how this works. Cash Hero Member Posts: 1, Barry williams , Aug 18,


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