Electrician sent by prigag.com are highly technical and can serve and make you happy. they will all short of workds related to 240v.

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Latest Nose clips which act as air purifier and also snoring aids, this small devise will solve you big problem of snoring without any medical operations. Available with prigag.com shipping charges extra

Combo Of Airpods3, Magsafe Wireless Charger , & Magsafe Battery pack

🔊 Combo Includes - 💠Airpod 3 (USA) - High Quality - Spatial Audio - Wireless Charging Support - High Quality Sound - Orignal Packaging 💠Magsafe Wireless Charger - OG Quality - Wireless To UsB C - Cable Length Upto 1M - Orignal Packaging 💠 Magsafe Battery Pack - Wireless Powerbank - Upto 5000 MAH - Magnetic Wireless Charging - Oringal packaging ❤️‍🔥 *Grab All these OG quality Gadget’s at an special Introductory price*❤️‍🔥 *BEST RATE ONLY RS 2449 plus ship$ 🛫 ❣❣✅ *With Assurance of pre checking of All the features of the product to disolve Return related issues* ✅❣❣ Hu 🙏🏻 *All These Products are OF OG Quality and With Og Packing Please Don't compare with Lower Quality* 🙏🏻 Attachments area