Small thumb wireholder 10pc, Paint brush holder, charging wire holder


9117 Thumb Cable Clips,Cord Holder Multi-Functional Wall Hooks Cable Organizer Cable Management for Desk Home Office Car Multi Color (Pack Of 10) Description :-  Keep your charging cables in one place so they’re easy to find, install this Phone Charger Cord Holder on your charging station This cable holder has a fun thumbs-up design that…

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Small Thumb Wireholder 10pc

The Small Thumb Wireholder 10pc is the perfect solution for keeping your wires organized and tangle-free. Whether you have charging cables, headphone wires, or any other small cables, these wire holders are designed to securely hold them in place.

Made from high-quality materials, these wire holders are durable and long-lasting. The small thumb design makes them easy to use and allows for quick and effortless wire management. Simply wrap the wire around the holder and secure it in place with the thumb grip.

With a pack of 10 wire holders, you’ll have plenty to keep all your wires organized. Whether you need to keep your desk tidy or want to declutter your home entertainment setup, these wire holders are the perfect solution.

Paint Brush Holder

The Paint Brush Holder is a must-have accessory for any artist or DIY enthusiast. This holder is designed to keep your paint brushes organized and easily accessible, making your painting projects more efficient and enjoyable.

The holder features multiple slots of different sizes, allowing you to store a variety of paint brushes. The sturdy construction ensures that your brushes are held securely in place, preventing them from rolling off your workspace or getting damaged.

Not only does the Paint Brush Holder keep your brushes organized, but it also helps to extend their lifespan. By storing your brushes properly, you can prevent them from getting bent or frayed, ensuring that they stay in optimal condition for longer.

Charging Wire Holder

The Charging Wire Holder is a versatile accessory that helps you keep your charging cables neat and organized. No more tangled wires or searching for the right cable – with this holder, you can easily manage all your charging cables in one place.

The holder features multiple slots, allowing you to separate different cables and keep them organized. The compact design makes it easy to place on your desk, nightstand, or any other convenient location. Simply insert the cables into the slots, and they will stay in place until you need them.

Not only does the Charging Wire Holder keep your cables organized, but it also helps to prevent them from getting damaged. By keeping them neatly stored, you can avoid bending, twisting, or tangling, ensuring that your cables last longer.


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